The Story

How a tiny bug supports those who serve us daily.

Why Choose Us?

Probaxstra is simple, that is what makes us great. 

We are a single strain Probiotic that goes to work in hours not months. 

The Science Behind Probaxstra

Quick Overview:

We use a patented Bacillus Subtilils strain with our proprietary blend of electrolytes. That is it. The reason is that we value simplicity and effectiveness over gimmicks and trying to look impressive.  Probaxstra makes a shelf stable, Probiotic that goes to work in less than an hour. Take daily as a preventative and overall wellness support.  Dose more frequently when exercising hard, or coming down with something. Everyone from children to Adults, pets and livestock can use Probaxstra, to support immune function, regulate the microbiome and improve nutrient absorption. 

What Other Companies Do:

Most other companies need to add dozens of different probiotics to their supplements, with prebiotics and vitamins. 

The Problem:

Prebiotics. Other companies add these for two reasons.

1) We do get some indirect benefit from prebiotics, via something known as short chain fatty acids. A byproduct of bacterial metabolism that we can use. However, with a normal diet we have access to these almost all the time. 

2) It takes a long time for most bacteria to take root in the gut and be able to thrive. Prebiotics are then used in an attempt to support the development of new bacterial colonies.

What Probaxstra does:

Probaxstra uses a shelf stable spore forming bacteria known as Bacillus Subtilis. Because of its natural protein coating (its spore covering), Bacillus Subtilis  can wait patiently dormant until it reaches the right environment of the gut. We don't need prebiotics to help our probiotic work. once it reaches the intestines, it starts to mature and go to work with in an hour, and is out of your system with in 48 hrs. It doesn't need Billions of bacteria to work. It does not need prebiotics to work. 

What Other Companies Do: 

Multiple strains of bacteria, usual in high quantiles (i.e., billions of CFU). This is for several reasons usually. 

1) The companies don't know what bacteria work, so they put a lot of them in their supplements. 

2) They have to introduce billions of bacteria into the gut for them to take hold and begin working. 

The Problem: 

Most bacteria will never make it to the gut. Companies try to get around this with special pills, or fillers, or tons and tons of bacteria. The simple truth is, most of these bacteria never make it. Of the ones that do, the gut microbiome usually fights them off right away or they starve. Hence why with most companies, they suggest dosing for up to a month before you will se results. 

Further, the microbiome is very complex. Just throwing different strains of bacteria at a problem is usually not a good idea. Bacteria do different things in different environments in different conditions. It gets complex fast. So sometimes the bacteria you take aren't the ones you need. 

What Probaxstra Does: 

Our Probiotic works synergistically with the gut microbiome, and more importantly our bodies at the tight junctions in our gut (the gate way to our blood stream).  It isn't trying to establish a home in your gut like other probiotics, its just passing through. It lends a hand, and then its on its way out. This is fantastic. Because it allows you to regulate your gut in almost real time. You don't have to wait weeks or months. You can get rapid relief of classic gut problems the day of. 

Quick Note:

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